Interview on 4ZZZ Radio’s Brisbane Line on Australian attitudes toward immigration and asylum policy

I was interviewed by 4ZZZ Radio’s Aryana Mohmood for the Brisbane Line news programme today on my recently-published Social Science Research article on Australian public opinion on immigration and asylum policy. Audio of the interview is available here.


Moving to the University of Queensland in March 2019

I’m very excited to be joining the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland¬†as a Research Social Scientist (Senior Research Fellow) in mid-March 2019. Though I will miss my colleagues at the University of Melbourne in The Policy Lab, my fellow denizens of “Six West” in the John Medley Building, and the Friday Uni House happy hour crew, I’m looking forward to the new opportunities and new research projects ahead.

Article on the Australian marriage equality vote published in Politics

I’m very pleased that my collaborative work with my one-time Policy Lab colleague Andrea Carson (now at La Trobe University) on the Australian marriage equality postal vote has been published in Politics. The article represents my first research project on Australian political behaviour, and my collaboration with Andrea was instrumental to its success.

I should note that we worked on this project at the same time (and separately from) Ian McAllister and Feodor Snagovsky of the Australian National University, who got to press first with their article in the Australian Journal of Political Science. I highly recommend their work to interested readers as well.

Article on “Trumping foreign policy” is now published in the Australian Journal of International Affairs

Extending the analysis of my earlier LISPOP Opinion-Policy Nexus blog post, my new article examining the “Trump framing effect” at work in Canadian and Australian foreign policy attitudes is now published in the Australian Journal of International Affairs. A synopsis of the article is also on the Australian Outlook blog of the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

Article on American attitudes toward the US-Mexico border wall now out in Political Geography

After two long submission cycles (the second involving two round of reviews), I’m both happy and relieved that my article on attitudes toward the US-Mexico border wall is now out in Political Geography.

I draw on data from 2005-2006 up to late 2016 (during the presidential election) to look at how attitudes are shaped by proximity to the US-Mexico border, partisanship, ideology, and importantly the varying effects of partisanship and ideology over time. I hope this research contributes to a better understanding of the American public’s attitudes on this timely political issue.

I’m very grateful for the assistance (and data) from a number of people and organizations that made this project possible: Courtney Kennedy and Samantha Smith of the Pew Research Center, Chris Jackson of Ipsos¬†Public Affairs, and Patrick Murray and Timothy Tracey of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

The article is available here.